Kenora Rowing Club is pleased to announce that we will have our first “triple regatta” season in 4 years!! Mantario will take place on June 24, 2023, Tops and Bottoms will take place July 29, 2023, and NWIRA Championships will take place August 18 & 19, 2023.

Mantario Rowdown

(annual JUNE or early JULY)

Winnipeg – Kenora – Pinawa
The Mantario Rowdown is a one day rowdown of 1000 metres for Kenora and its next door neighbours from Winnipeg and Pinawa. Clubs compete for the “Lipton Cup-A-Soup” trophies and individual race winners have an opportunity to donate their Lipton Cup a Soup prizes back to a local shelter. 

Tops & Bottoms Regatta

(annual JULY/AUGUST)

Tops & Bottoms is a one day regatta for juniors and masters athletes, which the Club has hosted for nearly 25 years. Tops & Bottoms brings 150-175 juniors and masters athletes from 8-10 Canadian and US clubs to Kenora.

NWIRA Championship Regatta

(bi-annual or “maybe annual” AUG)

The Kenora Rowing Club is a member of the North West International Rowing Association (NWIRA). Kenora hosts the NWIRA Championship Regatta on a regular  basis. The Championship Regatta has 300-400 athletes from 14 clubs from Canada and the mid-west US.

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