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2023 Membership Categories:

  1. Adult Full Season: Rows in sanctioned regattas if desired. Has full club privileges.
  2. Junior Full Season: Participates in coached sessions. Rows in sanctioned regattas. 17 years of age or younger. Has completed Learn To Row.
  3. Learn to Row: Four coached sessions (6 hours in total) on land and on water, available to both junior and adult participants.
  4. Punch Card: Completed Learn To Row. Limited club privileges. 6 rows per card.
  5. Monthly Rower: Completed Learn To Row. Limited club privileges, may compete in local regattas. Unlimited amount of rows for one month, starting on the 1st of each month.

If you have any questions about programs or schedules, feel free to email [email protected] or message our Facebook page.

 2023 Program & Fees (includes HST):

  • 2023 Adult Full Season: $580.00
  • 2023 Junior Full Season: $580.00
  • 2023 Learn to Row: $100.00
  • 2023 Punch Card: $210.00 (subsequent cards – $150)
  • 2023 Monthly Rower: $210.00 (subsequent cards – $200)
  • Come and Try private group booking: $10 per person + $50 (+HST)
  • For Full Season memberships, we offer a mid-season pro-rated registration discount of $370.00 on August 1st and $265.00 on September 1st. There will be no refund if you end your season early.

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